Uniting Learning with Purpose

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$17,225 of $35,000 raised


To begin our Day of Impact, BCA’s Annual Fund Manager, Sharon Ziegler, introduces this year’s theme and new tagline: Uniting Learning with Purpose.

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Uniting Learning with Purpose throughcommunity

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Alumni Spotlight: Hillary

Hear how Uniting Learning with Purpose equipped BCA alumna Hillary Rogers with vital skills for a flourishing career.

Student Spotlight: Eli

Learn about the many ways BCA’s closely-knit community inspires current high school junior Eli Blouin.

Parent Spotlight: Michelle

Meet BCA parent, Michelle and hear a parent’s perspective on how BCA shapes students’ character and intellect during middle school.

Student Spotlight: AJ

Listen to senior AJ describe how BCA has drawn him more deeply into his faith in God and a desire to serve others as he prepares to enter college next year.

Teacher Spotlight: Gayle

BCA’s transformative education begins with our youngest students. Meet first grade teacher Gayle Lynch and learn how she establishes a strong start for Uniting Learning with Purpose.

Alumni Spotlight: Rebecca

BCA alumna, Rebecca Mulley, reflects on the educational and economic value of a BCA education as she navigates Baylor University’s (pre-med) program.

Make an Impact on Excellence and Affordability

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The Student Experience - $25,000

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Professional Development
We invest in ongoing development of our faculty as they provide best educational practices in their classrooms.

  • Attain Master’s degrees and Continuing Education Credits
  • Achieve Certification to teach Advanced Placement Classes
  • Receive Landmark School training to deliver proven teaching strategies to meet the needs of students with language-based learning disabilities.
  • Participate in Educator’s Councils such as the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)

We develop student athletes who possess strong work ethic, team-work, self-confidence, and perseverance.

  • Game Day Operations
  • Outfitting Strength and Conditioning Room
  • Enhancing our Track & Field Program

We celebrate the power of communication, creativity, and confidence instilled through theater, music, and visual arts.

  • Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild Festival Participation
  • Atelier Realist Painting Instruction
  • Robust K-12 Musical Training

Expanding our Community Reach - $10,000

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We invest in creating visibility for BCA within our region so that families seeking the education, faith, and values we offer know that BCA is an option. This requires:

  • Daily social media presence,
  • A vibrant, Informative website
  • Development of videos, photography, and narrative to tell the many compelling stories of BCA students

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